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The primary goals of the Association of Polish Hydrologists are as follows:


1. Making the hydrology and its achievements easily accessible.

2.  Raising the level of hydrology related knowledge within the society, thus contributing to the development of hydrology in Poland.

3. Integration of hydrologists employed within the structures of: scientific and research institutions, national and regional administration and professional design bureaus, and consulting companies.

4. Representing the hydrologists, gathered within the APH, in front of the society, Polish Government, regional authorities and other public and private organizations, in Poland and abroad.

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5. Raising the level of hydrology-related knowledge and qualifications.

6. Helping the APH members to cooperate and maintain contact with foreign scientific research centers.

7. Initializing, developing and providing opinions for legislation, norms, instructions and legal regulations, within the scope of the hydrological qualifications.

8. Strengthening the role hydrology plays in water economy, water engineering, environment protection and land management.

9. Protecting the APH member rights, taking care of their respectability and high level of professional ethics.


The idea to establish an organization which would gather all of the Polish hydrologists together emerged during the XXXIV School of Hydrology meeting, which took place in Mądralin, in May 2006.

The constituent meeting took place in Warsaw, in the headquarters of Institute of Meteorology and Water Management on September 18th 2006. The meeting was attended by 28 hydrologists from all around Poland. The attendees have brought The Founding Committee of the Association of Polish Hydrologists and created the association’s bylaw. Additionally the Board of Executives was chosen and peer tribunal was brought into being.

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Beniamin Więzik became the head of APH.

prof. Kazimierz Banasik and Barbara Nowicka, PhD became deputy heads.

The Founding Committee of APH included the following members:

  1. Jerzy Niedbała
  2. Barbara Nowicka
  3. Tamara Tokarczyk
  4. Wojciech Rędowicz
  5. Beniamin Więzik

The committee started to work towards the APH official registration.

On Dec. 8th 2006 the APH changed its bylaw in a way that made it possible to register it within the National Court Registry.

The Association of Polish Hydrologists has been registered on Jan. 10. 2007 in District Court of the City of Warsaw, Commercial Division of the National Court Register under the KRS number: 270695.